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Native American Clubs


Cotton County

  • Walters Native American Club

Comanche County

  • Cache Native American Club
  • Elgin Native American Club
  • Lawton Public Schools
    • Lawton High School Native American Club
    • MacArthur Native American Club
    • Eisenhower Native American Club

Caddo County

  • Apache Native American Club
  • Anadarko Native American Club
  • Riverside Native American Club

Native American clubs are typically comprised of both middle and high-school students in each district throughout Indian County. They are a visible and viable presence as well as an active voice for Native American students. Regular monthly meetings are held at each individual school to discuss current issues and topics important to teenagers. Club members determine what cultural, social and/or service projects will be undertaken during the academic year. Typically, a powwow is held each year for fund raising purposes. Each club serves as mini-tribal unit assisting students in a myriad of social, economic, and spiritual needs.

IAMNDN seeks to make contact with the Native American Club sponsors and requests to be placed on the next available agenda. IAMNDN strives to assist each club in the best possible manner so that they in turn can best serve their membership.

For information on how you can have IAMNDN visit your school contact Raquel Ramos at 580-357-3449 or by email at raquelr@comanchenation.com.

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