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Dates have been scheduled for IAMNDN's Media / Music Camp. The camp will be Mon - Fri June 1 - 5 and Mon - Wed June 8 - 10. June 1 - 5 will contain the music portion of the camp. Victor "Dr. Vic" Rook wi...th be facilitating in the areas of music video production, computer technology, video editing, etc. Jesse "MC Red Eagle" Robbins, Hip Hop Emcee, poet, writer, and speaker will be facilitating in the areas of creative thought, lyrics and music production. Olivia Yazzie, will be facilitating in creative thought and therapy.

June 8 - 10 will contain the drama portion of the camp. Misty RedElk will be facilitating in the areas of drama, theatre, set design, production and stage management.

IAMNDN is looking for 40-50 creative high school students to participate in the fields of drama, dance, music, acting, story development and script writing, scouting locations, film/video crew, lighting, set and costume design, and final editing.

Upon camp completion we intend to have a 12-15 min video covering a youth related topic that we will send out to have mass produced and package for distribution. Interested students should contact either Raquel Ramos at 580-713-3639 or 580-357-3449 or raquelr@comanchenation.com.....Ronnie Wahkinney 580-583-1265 or ronniew@comanchenation.com.

IAMNDN's NYE Bash was a smashing success. Not only we did we ring in the new year in true NDN style...surrounded by family and life long friends....we also got to witness the marriage of Patrick and Sonia Attocknie.

Music, dancing, and fellowship filled the air as 781 attendees watched excitedly as 1400 balloons fell from ceiling at the stroke of midnight. This was the 5 year that Comanche Nation has hosted the annual event. It has now grow from approximately 40 participants the first year to well over 800 this year. Ron Wahkinney, Director of the Prevention & Recovery Center stated, "One day I want to fill the main floor of the coliseum and it has happened sooner than I expected.

The Prevention & Recovery staff is already planning for next year. For more information on these and other events please contact Raquel Ramos at 580-357-3449 or email at raquelr@comanchenation.com.

IAMNDN will soon be hosting a cultural classes for Native youth at the Prevention & Recovery Center, 927 SW D Ave, Lawton, OK 73501. A tentative schedule of planned events are as follows: Hand Drum and Drum Stick class for males ages 12 - 18, facilitated by Anthony Monoeassey and Milton Sovo Jr.; Bustle Making class for males ages 12 - 18 facilitated by Frank Swift; Cloth Dress facilitated by Lydia Blackstar. We will also be offering a very basic Introductory to Comanche Language class... no facilitator has been finalized for the language class.

All supplies will be furnished for each class. We will be offering the classes on a continual basis with an enrollment of at least 5 - 8 youth each class. A tentative schedule is being set and will be released soon. For more information contact Raquel Ramos at 580-357-3449 or email at raquelr@comanchenation.com.